Conan Exiles to fully release on May 8th, Leaves Early Access

Since its first appearance, Conan Exiles has kept on developing. After the first appearance on the market, many players have endeavored the game. After some period since Early Acces, the development has stepped up and brought much news in the game. Therefore, Funcom feels confident the game has everything it needs to leave Early Access and has announced the official release date of its Conan Exiles’ full release.

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game, enriched by lots of modern mechanics. After the expansion’s announcement, things have undoubtedly clicked at Funcom, and the amount of progress put in the game has been phenomenal.

As Funcom stated in their recent article, the game will leave early access and receive many new changes at May 8:

The Early Access journey is coming to an end with less than one month left until launch. Big changes and great amounts of new content are coming to Conan Exiles as we are getting close to May 8th.

The game world is increasing in size, new features and systems are being introduced, hundreds of new items are being added and there is an all new and brutal combat system for you to enjoy!

In short, when the game launches it will be much bigger, much better and much deeper.

Among the changes, there will be new combat system and two new areas on the map. This will improve the overall gameplay performance and boost and encourage skilled players’ to anticipate the impossible situations and turn them in their favor.

It is always nice to see a game leaving Early Access. It’s a world in which you begin playing with nothing but your empty hands and a lot of mechanics that are vital for the main progress in the game. Players can build up from and achieve the heights of a Kingdom, fight multiple other clans and players, and conquer the remains of the defeated enemies.

As a celebration of this event, Funcom has published a new trailer:

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