Escape From Tarkov’s Next Patch to add new Magazine loading and enhanced modifications

Due to recent discoveries and promises, the delay of the wipe may be caused by the development of all these new features coming to Escape From Tarkov. From players’ perspective, it pays out to witness some of this caliber, as it will add more realism and spice up the whole game.

A couple of changes have been brought within an EFT recently published video material. It discovers many new features, new reload mechanics, and a way of determining how many bullets are left in your magazine. This, however, it is expected to be enhanced by reload animations in the future. By knowing that Escape From Tarkov has a massive amount of weapons and magazines in the game, it may be delayed for some time until further enhancement is done.

After all, we’re talking about a Closed Beta phase, for which only pre-purchases can anticipate. If you’ve been playing Escape From Tarkov, you know that whenever you reload a gun, you have to refill your old magazine, as it is not done automatically. However, it won’t be instantly filled with bullets, but instead, there will be a progress bar and sound of the character reloading the magazine.

Furthermore, when the magazine is equipped, the indicator will not show the current bullet value but only the approximate amount of how many bullets are left. But, before they approximate number appears, a player will need to perform a magazine check so the character can determine the approximate value. This adds a bit more realism to Escape from Tarkov and should contribute to a slower paced Raids.

Below you can find the 0.8 highlights video. Amazingly, it’s only part #1, so we expect more news regarding patch 0.8 from Battlestate Games.

As we all know, Battlestate Games favors Quality before Quantity, so we shouldn’t be surprised by the slow development of the game. The features that were included in the past are quite significant. It surely has sent a message to all developers across the globe how a game should be developed.

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