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For Honor Gets a new Training Mode, Raise your level from Apprentice to Master

Ubisoft has decided to entirely revamp the training mode For Honor has offered since launch. With it, players will get a lot more options to train and find which class dully suits their skills, thus become a master of their own. It was something that was needed a long time ago but knowing Ubisoft, they do not give up on their titles, and they make them a lot better as the time goes by.

As Ubisoft has stated, the new Training Mode shall¬†become home to newcomers so they can learn the best combinations of attacks easily. Not only newcomers, but the Training Arena is here to serve moderate players as well. Those who are experienced can also receive much detailed insights on how much Stamina is consumed after every attack, so they could practice and find their combo and know when to stop before they’re out of Stamina.

Players can train against specific factions and heroes. The videos regarding abilities breakdown are still here but are more likely to be used by the Apprentices, since good players have already achieved and learned the movesets by just playing the game since the beginning. We have to admit it is a bit too late for this change, but still much valuable since the developer has its hands on the game and does not plan to quit when it comes to For Honor.

The new training mode comes as a free update, indulging everyone anticipating it. As a celebration of the new Training Mode, Ubisoft has launched a trailer showcasing the whole idea behind it. You can watch the trailer below.

The new Training Mode is now available in For Honor, which has come to life today, April 19.



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