BSG will host an Escape From Tarkov discount starting on May 8

As the title says, there’s no need of further and more profound explanation. Escape From Tarkov will get a spicy discount throughout the next period. The discount window will be hosted in honor of Victory Day and will last from May 9 to May 10. If you’re a fan of survival games and would love to try Escape From Tarkov, this may be just the right time for you to buy it.

For those who do not know, Escape From Tarkov is a first-person shooter-survival video game, offering multiple raid instances in which players can take part in. Each player brings its gear into a raid with a chance to obtain more or lose everything. EFT’s Raids include both PVP and PVE gameplay experience, without the possibility of changing the designated segment. This means that in each raid you will encounter real human players and AI, and you better be prepared for the outcome of each instance.

As of its realistic perspective, EFT is probably one of the most realistic games you have or will encounter, ever.

The discount will begin at May 8, 2.01 PDT and will end on May 9, 1.59 pm PDT. Battlestate Games has announced this on its official Facebook Page, claiming that it includes all preorders but does not stack with multiple preorder discounts.

Hello, Dear Escapers!

In honor of Victory Day, we will be hosting a 25% discount off of Escape From Tarkov, which includes all preorders and does stack with the multiple preorder discounts. This will be the perfect time to invite your friends or get that upgrade you want! So don’t miss out, and remember, all upgrades will require a profile reset!

For time conversions you can visit this website.

Players that would love to get an upgrade will also get a chance to upgrade their game during the discount window, which means there will be no limitation on package upgrades as well. It gives just everything and encourages players to get the advanced EoD (Edge of Darkness) version of the game, which enhances every player’s experience by providing them a bit of advantage.

By getting the EoD version, you will get a Gamma Container, which is a 3×3 pouch that you cannot lose in raids, which is much favorable and provides players to have a lot faster progress. However, do not forget that even if you buy the cheapest version of the game, you could still upgrade at a later stage by paying the difference.

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