Destiny 2’s updated roadmap looks quite tasty, but will it deliver?

The developers behind Destiny 2 have decided to update their roadmap, in conclusion with their Warmind launch. Namely, they have claimed that there are multiple updates about to come in September, which in general should be quite interesting to play. Despite various disagreements on the social networks, we have to agree that the new roadmap sounds and looks quite intriguing.

Among the changes, there are multiple exotic armor sandbox changes and new features. However, the loudest listed difference is potentially the new Crucible Labs feature that will be added to bring new experimental PvP content. Without postponing, it feels like Bungie’s developers have awakened from the winter sleep. Below you can find the Roadmap including the new features coming to the game.

In the image above you can notice there’s Solstice of Heroes Seasonal Event. It is expected this event to bring high-level rewards for each Guardian, despite the fact that Bungie hasn’t claimed anything for that matter. Bungie’s next update is scheduled to include quality of life fixes and will release on May 29, which is just around the corner. It is the exact date when everyone will be introduced to Crucible Labs, for which we can already see the hype build onto.

In the end, we just hope that Bungie will finally satisfy the whole Destiny 2’s fan base.

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