PUBG temporarily disables Personal Item Trades due to abuse of the trading system

Bluehole has decided to work against the community’s wills. With a further clarification of “abusing the system,” PUBG will no longer support personal item trades which allowed players to trade items with third-party sites. However, all of this is just temporary, and the developer is working on a fix.

Over the past, each third-party website has boosted its popularity by offering trading services, which also provided players to trade their items for real money. The price on those websites is somewhat higher than the Steam’s market. Therefore, each player would prefer to use these third-party trading services.

However, judging by Bluehole’s recent article and ban of Personal Item Trades, the system is abusing in their eyes. The current prohibition on Personal Trades is temporary, and Bluehole is working on a side fix to overcome this issue, thus remove the ban in the future.

Will this hurt PUBG’s community? Probably yes. Those players who have somehow managed to get duplicate items tend to trade them with their friends, while others want to sell it since they already possess it. Now, they cannot do either of that. Preventing Personal Item Trades is hurtful enough, and players are seeking for a proper answer that will remove this non-sense lifted by the developer.

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