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Radical Heights’ new patch brought in a Scanner Gadget, Core Issues remain unfixed

For a game in this stage, Radical Heights and Boss Key Productions should focus on something different than just releasing new and totally unreliable content in the game. It is not appropriate, having into consideration the poor optimization the game has so far. Even after multiple core issues encounters, the developer has decided to release new items and cosmetics instead of dealing with the core issues.

The annoying green flickering is still there when the game is played in Full Screen. Instead of fixing it and allowing players to opt-in full-screen and allow lower gaming rigs gain some FPS, the developer somewhat ignored it and left it in the game even after the second “major” update.

No matter how many new items the game received, the remaining of the core issues are still quite bothering. It may be the reason Radical Heights’ popularity drowned in waters. Is this the very reason? It’s like the developers want the players to ignore their ignorance on purpose. It frustrates all the players, despite the already given pain from which Radical Heights misses squads.

However, there’s something new. Radical Heights has decided to add new Gadget, a scanner in the game. It is useful to scan an area for opponents and discover their last position. However, as the game’s popularity goes off, in the end, we may remain and play only against bots.

Overall, it doesn’t feel like a good patch at all, and below you can find the notes:

  • Fixed parties disbanding after each match.
  • Performance optimizations when switching to and from aim down sight or scope view
  • General performance optimizations ongoing – players should see increased FPS.
  • Improved ATM interaction: You can now queue as much money as you want to withdraw or deposit!
  • Improved server region selection:
  • Fixed issue where no region could be selected if pings were too high
  • Now defaults to auto-select regions with a ping below 100ms
  • Increased maximum allowed ping to select a region to 200ms
  • Updates across the world!
  • Various collision and geo fixes
  • Art pass started on locations that were previously only greybox.
  • You can now rotate your character in the menu by clicking and dragging.
  • Online friends are now sorted at the top of the friends list
  • Reduced the range you can hear the supply line.
  • Zip lines can be grabbed from any point, instead of just the start.
  • New animations for healing/eating burgers in prone and crouch.
  • More crowd/announcer audio adjustments!
  • Audio options now work!
  • Prize Room: All customization options have been merged into the Prize Room.
    • This now displays both owned and unlockable items.
    • There is now a sort option for “owned” items.
    • Kill Card and Character options are also now available from the Prize Room.
  • *NEW* Added 32 New Cosmetic Items
  • 4 Emotes – Rad Gems Only
  • 3 New Hairstyles – Rad Gems Only
  • 3 Glasses
  • 1 Fanny Pack
  • 2 Gloves
  • 3 Shoes
  • 2 Hats
  • 6 Pants
  • 8 Shirts
  • *NEW* Added 10 Kill Card Options – ALL FREE!
  • 3 Backgrounds
  • 3 Borders
  • 4 Profile Icons
  • Increased pitch up/down air control.
  • Easier to stop spinning/flipping in air.
  • Curbs and bumps won’t flip/spin the bike as much.
  • Variable jump height: tap for a small jump to avoid small obstacles or hold & release for a fully charged jump.
  • Lots of ramps added to the world to do sick flips on!
  • *New Gadget*: Scanner!
  • This gadget scans enemies in a large radius around the player. Enemies detected have their location at the time they were scanned revealed on the player’s minimap temporarily.
  • Improved perspective of first person weapons in aim down sight
  • Balance adjustments
  • Aug: Damage reduced
  • FAL: Damage reduced
  • UZI: ROF reduced, Range increased, Price increased
  • HiTec: ROF reduced, Range increased
  • AK74u: ROF reduced, Range increased
  • M12: Range increased
  • M16: Range increased, Price increased
  • 1887: Spread increased
  • Stakeout Shotgun: Spread increased

While we can’t share all the details of what we’ve been working on just yet, we did want to share a few things that you will be seeing in future updates. The team has heard your feedback and has been putting it into action! We put “!” behind all of them because we’re really excited. Hope you Rad Contestants are too!

  • ADS sensitivity slider!
  • ADS and spring toggle options!
  • Ammo splitting!
  • Major changes around the map, new buildings, art passes across many areas!
  • Major changes to Lustful Pines Campground!
  • New Game Show event!
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