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The promised overhauled visuals are coming to Battalion 1944

Since the game entered early access on steam and became playable, the players wanted one and only one thing. That was a pinch and need for the developer to improve the graphics in Battalion 1944, no matter what the outcome would be. Well, frankly, the developer has stated the game’s heading in that particular direction.

Namely, on June 12, it will receive an overhaul, a refreshment, with the most significant impact on visuals. Alongside these changes, there will be an enhancement regarding its competitive mode. This will try to shape the game to e-sports ready. Regarding the numerous negative reviews, Bulkhead Interactive had no room except to improve all that the developers were asked for.

In addition to these changes, there are also going to be numerous matchmaking improvements and a whole lot of balancing and rebalancing of current and upcoming content. A new video has been released regarding some of the changes that Battalion 1944 is about to receive, and you can watch it below.

Over the past, we have witnessed a lot of failed projects due to lack of gamer’s attention. However, Bulkhead Interactive does not appear to give up on their game, but instead to release a significant update and host a $50,000 prize pool tournament. They do care about the game’s competitivity, and according to their recent actions, Battalion 1944 is seen as quite a potential competitive video game by the eyes of the developers.

WW2 themed video games are always welcome by any player. Reliving the story that had been told in the past is nothing else but a significant experience. Therefore, having a game of this caliber on the e-sports scene would be refreshing and beneficial for everyone.



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