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Fortnite’s Playground Limited Time Mode is back online

If you remember firmly, Fortnite released a Playground mode which lasted for a short time before it was removed. Well, it was time to allow it back online. This game mode is expected to enable newcomers to practice their Fortnite skills further.

Now that the Playground mode is back, players will be able to queue up as a squad and practice their fresh discoveries and mechanics. The building part will no longer be an issue since there will be no enemy around to kill you, except your teammates. The game mode includes Unlimited respawn and friendly fire, which despite the building part will also allow players to practice the pattern of their favorite weapons.

The successful release of the game mode was published on Fortnite’s Official Twitter profile.

How to queue for Playground?

To queue for the Playground limited time mode is simple. However, you need to notice and change the region to Auto since lots of players are probably lined up on the servers. By having the Region to Auto will allow the players to find available server across the whole glove, rather than just in their Region.

Moreover, if you’re a theorycrafter, you could also join to witness the remains of the Rocket Launch event or be fortunate enough to find any clues of what kind of intentions the Rocket Launch had in first place. Therefore, have a happy limited event mode and do not forget to unleash your creativity, since you’ll have plenty of materials to deal with.



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