Lucky Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go Any Moment Now

The ones that are responsible for the most popular game Pokemon Go, have been working full time to improve the quality and content of the game.

A few months ago, Niantic introduced the Alola versions of the existing Pokemon. They also implemented Community day, Raids in which you can catch a special Pokemon and with the newest update, you can now officially become friends with other players and send/receive a present and swap/trade a Pokemon with them. So if you want to trade a Pokemon right now, we suggest you wait for a little because Niantic could release a force update which contains new types of Pokemon, the Lucky Pokemon, any moment now.

We can see this in the latest update, but it will be available at the moment when Niantic decides to make a force update. The moment everyone gets the force update, Lucky Pokemon will be up and running.

These so-called Lucky Pokemon can be spotted by their sparkling background and by the special entry in the Pokedex. This isn’t their only advantage. If you wish to improve this type of Pokemon, you will need far less Stardust compared to a normal Pokemon and you will need less time to get them to a level you want them to be at. In addition to this, you can now get XP for the Gifts you send to your friends.

The longer you have a Pokemon in your Pokedex, the better chances are the Pokemon to become a Lucky when it gets traded. We do not know how big the chances are since the developers like to keep this information to themselves.

What do we know about Lucky Pokemon so far?

  • Not live yet!
  • Can only be obtained by trading;
  • Take half the stardust and candy amount to power up;
  • The chance to be Lucky increases with how long your Pokemon has been on storage;
  • Lucky Pokemon are more likely to be powerful opponents in battle – IV floor of 10-10-10 would make Lucky Pokemon worth the effort.

We hope to see forced update any time now, so until then, stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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