Microsoft to Invent a self-learning anti-cheat system

It appears that Microsoft is continuously trying to involve in the gaming saga by providing a working anti-cheat, that will build upon his actions. By creating a self-teaching anti-cheat system, the machine will keep on evolving its way of preventing cheats in various video games.

After the latest Game Mode update and their TruePlay anti-cheat which comes off by default, we are now finding out that Microsoft has filed a patent in May 2017 for it become published by the US and Trademark Office. PCGamesInsider has also confirmed this, as its release may resolve a lot of gaming issues encountered nowadays.

It’s a feature that should be included in the current Windows 10 and is most likely to happen since the cheating issue escalates very quickly nowadays. No matter what games we play, we tend to encounter cheaters of a different type, allowing them beneficial actions on the game’s progress.

Microsoft intentions are to build a tech that will analyze player’s behavior by calculating their commendations, achievements and more. However, unlike other currently established anti-cheat systems such as BattleEye and EasyAnticheat, we do not believe that it will be more effective, considering that Microsoft’s anti-cheat actions are going to build upon such operations.

Anyway, it remains to be seen what will come out of this.

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