Sony’s Cross-Play Defensive Maneuvers are Getting Short

Everyone is frustrated by the fact that Sony is the primary guilt for not allowing players to encounter more of their kind throughout Cross-Play. Yes, you’ve heard it well. Sony avoids dealing with this problem once and for all, and as such, the question keeps on growing which in the end may turn out like a boomerang for the current market leader. Not to forget to mention that Sony and their ridiculous policy is also the main problem that many games are missing the possibility to play against other console players.

It’s quite an embarrassing topic to talk about because gamers across the world know how to value and judge on their own. Therefore, Sony’s somewhat frozen stance on Cross-Play may be assessed as fugitive and thus, allow the players to perform their cruel judgment, for which many people over at Sony could not predict. We’re here to talk in the players’ name before anything else, and as such, the outcome of their nonsense is leading to only one thing. Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a boycott coming very soon. Seemingly, a boycott is on the way as players frustration keeps on growing.

Now let’s get on the Fortnite train and try to dispatch the reason for all of this. Why does Sony deny Cross-Play in Fortnite with any other system the game’s playable on? We understand their global scare of players being able to cross-market some of the games, thus making Sony more vulnerable. However, this is a free-to-play game, and not any statement holds water on why Sony prohibits Cross-Play in Fortnite with any other system but the PC.

Especially now that we have Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch and as such, empowers the already made Xbox and Nintendo Switch partnership on enhancing the Cross-Play experience. Do not get me wrong; the trailer was for the Minecraft Cross-Play availability between Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

On the other side, Sony still denies the availability on Cross-Play between consoles in any game that support this feature to be merged against players using another console. It’s somewhat unacceptable and shameful. It’s an entirely embarrassing move by Sony, and we’re very confident it will change sooner than later. Being a market leader doesn’t give you an opportunity to act a fool.

Despite Fortnite, we have Minecraft, Rocket league and others that are capable of providing a healthy Cross-Play experience to all the console players. Not to forget, Bethesda’s Fallout 76 is also among them. Todd Howard has transparently stated that Sony is the only to blame for not having Cross-Play. Nevertheless, Sony’s decision is a simple no. Hopefully, the move by Microsoft and Nintendo will make Sony change its mindset. Having Cross-Play allowed between multiple systems will surely contribute to a much joyful gaming experience.

However, as a gamer myself, it’s time to support this move and cheer for the Xbox and Nintendo Switch CrossPlay. We’re more than sure that this partnership will make Sony substantially lose their already acclaimed leverage. Hey Sony, we have a dope partnership that’s about to achieve new heights.

With all that being said, we truly believe that Sony’s defensive maneuvers are getting offline. There won’t be any room to bend the answer to any question regarding Cross-Play in the future. Anyhow, Cross-Play is the future of gaming, and we’re ready to escort it as it deserves.

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