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Wrecking Ball is coming to Overwatch during the next week

While the mysteries were ongoing together with the slow discovery of Hammond, the Hamster, after his incubation on the Overwatch Test Server it will finally deploy on the Overwatch Live Servers on July 24. Get ready everyone, because the 28th Overwatch Hero is about to make an appearance very soon.

Blizzard has announced this on their Official Overwatch’s Twitter Profile, with a message “Beware of small mammals.” The confirmation message states that Hammond will join Overwatch during the next week.

All of the teases have finally sweetened out, as we’re incredibly close to Wrecking Ball’s release. At first, players were quite a skeptic about Hammond and his look, which frustrated them by his presence of being a Hamster. However, after the Wrecking Ball’s PTR presence, there has been a twist. Many people have found that it’s quite fun to play with, and his abilities are fitting for a tank hero.

His found to be useful as an aggressive champ with quite a unique mechanics and playstyle that is about to change the meta. His Roll ability is a threat, and as Blizzard stated, together with the Piledriver abilities he could dismember a whole squad if Quad Cannons is used on key targets.



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