After Multiple Teases Blizzard Finally Reveals Their New Overwatch Champion, Hammond

Hammond is the first Hamster champion to join the Overwatch family. At first look, it’s a bit weird because a Hamster is a MECH hero in Overwatch, but we’re talking about Blizzard, and their work and intention are to bring lots of fun to the game. Finally, after multiple teases on their official Twitter Profile, the new and mysterious champion is finally known.

Hammond possesses a lot of cool abilities, and one of them is being able to roll like a boulder. The new and complete teaser was published on Overwatch’s official Twitter profile. You can watch the trailer below:

Everyone will probably be able to experience the new Champion on the PTR, which is most likely to occur these days. Hammond is the 28th hero coming to Overwatch and is expected to bring lots of joy to the game. Get ready everyone, because HAMmond the HAMster is here to HAM everyone out of his way. Will this champion be your new main? Let us know in the comments below?

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