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Blizzard Has Multiple Diablo Projects in the Works, Reveal in Late 2018

I have to be honest. The Future of Diablo is probably forging, and this video has made me feel complete and excited than every other Diablo-related video released by Blizzard before. According to its claims, it means that there is a new Diablo project or maybe a whole new Diablo game series.

As a player and old Diablo fan, I’ve escorted all the rumors and possibilities of Blizzard making a Diablo MMO RPG. Something like “where WoW meets Diablo” which would most definitely be a fantastic project. But, more about that we’ll speak when there’s something new.

Thanks to Brandy Camel, the recently uploaded video confirms that Blizzard is working on multiple Diablo projects. According to her statements, the alleged upcoming Diablo content will first be discovered by the end of 2018. Despite the continuation of the seasons in Reaper of Souls and the cool new features, everyone seems excited for the upcoming original content and the Diablo future.

According to the statement, some of the new projects will take more time to develop, but they will most likely happen, and Diablo will remain one of the Blizzard’s Identities. Witnessing the rebirth or reincarnation of Diablo would be quite unusual, and we cannot wait to see what Blizzard is thinking of.

Thanks to the new “The Future of Diablo” video by Blizzard, we can sit back, relax, and predict the outcome of it.

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