DOOM Eternal Cannot Go Beyond 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch

After its announcement of arriving on the Nintendo Switch, the newest title of the DOOM series published by Bethesda, DOOM Eternal is about to expand its supported platforms. However, there are certain struggles when it comes to the performance on the Nintendo Switch.

Marty Stratton, the executive producer for DOOM Eternal, has stated that the video game couldn’t perform at more than 30 FPS on the Nintendo Switch. Therefore, the limit FPS for DOOM Eternal is 30. The reasons for this is the Nintendo Switch’s hardware which merely said, cannot reach the limit of PS4 and Xbox One.

Being a port, it cannot validate anything more than the previous DOOM back in 2016. It is the same situation but in this case, a little more bitter since fans consider that it should be more enhanced than before two years.

Judging by the producer’s standpoint, playing DOOM Eternal on 30 FPS won’t be that painful. However, having the same launch date as all of the other supported consoles neglects the fans’ expectations. Currently, the release date remains unknown. Looking on the bright side, having this first-person shooter available on the Nintendo Switch surely boosts confidence and allows us to enjoy the game thoroughly or continue wherever we’ve left off.

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