The White House Will Most Likely be the Base of Operations in The Division 2

Thanks to Ubisoft Brazil, now we can quickly conclude that our new Base of Operations will be based in The White House. Picking up the most iconic object in Washington DC, the presidential palace, it is quite a reasonable move by Ubisoft. This could have been already guessed, knowing that the game’s setting is in Washington D.C.

As in the original Division, each player would be able to develop his base of operations by completing upgrades throughout the campaign. This whole base of operations discovery has been first found on the Ubisoft Brazil stream, for which later happened to be removed for unknown reasons.

The video is now gone, and it’s probably because of the discovery of the very saint object, the base of Operations. The Base of Operations is meant to be a secret place, thus unveiling it before an official release or even a Beta will somewhat spoil the gameplay experience.

Similar to the Pennsylvania Plaza in The Division, The White House is destroyed and agents, need to rebuild the interior by gathering the required resources by completing various of mission throughout Washington D.C.

It’s quite intriguing why Ubisoft Brazil removed this video. But since a lot of media has shared their words about this particular scene, it may have discovered something else the public shouldn’t have known for in the first place.

Angel Kicevski

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