Loot Specialization Will be a Thing in Anthem

Mark Darrah, executive producer of Anthem, in a Twitter response has claimed that Anthem’s loot will depend on the current specialization, or rather said, on the currently used Javelin. If you do not know what Javelin is, is the armored suit you jump in before you take yourself in the world of Anthem. More about the Javelins can be found here.

Below you can find the tweet in which the answer was given to a question asked by a fan.

In this way, we assume that Anthem’s reason for adopting this kind of loot development is mostly because it will encourage players to grind more, especially according to the current meta of best DPS, Role, etc etc.

However, players would still be granted loot sanctified to other Javelins, but at a cost of a lower rate. Other MMO RPG games have the same focus, and among them is the most popular MMORPG of all times, World of Warcraft. Loot Specialization should be a preference in these sorts of games, especially because it will encourage players to grind, therefore discover and learn the game a lot better.

But, putting everything aside, there’s only one reason we’re concerned about Anthem and its early days during release. The reason is one and unique, and it is the anti-cheat system. Many popular games nowadays have accepted the fact that implementing third-party anti-cheats is a lot better than implementing one on your own. Suddenly, we have lots of flashbacks regarding many triple-A titles in the past, who were actually suffering by the same obstacle. EA is also now known for utilizing third-party anti-cheats, especially because they use their own custom engine, which makes it harder both for BioWare and the actual Anti-Cheat company if hired.

However, Anthem is expected to bolster its path to new records, and maybe develop unique content, different to any other game of the same genre.

Angel Kicevski

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