Each Javelin in Anthem Will Have Unique and Powerful Abilities, YAY!

Well, you believed that Anthem had been forgotten over this period? Nah, it’s just put in stasis, somewhat a dream that we’re about to disturb once again. This time, we tend to speak about nothing else but the Javelins. Darn suits I can already feel their power, but also weight. They’re quite heavy, aren’t they? Namely, all of the four Javelin suits seem to possess a distinct and authoritative source of energy. That makes them different, with different abilities.

Them four, ready to encounter the mysteries in Anthem’s open-world.

It’s an early setup of the game’s story knowing that it’s an RPG game. Therefore, they are expected to possess different abilities or specializations. But what precisely are they going to do? Well, keep on reading this troll-alike written article, or so. It’s a new approach towards journalism that I am trying to adjust to. O-o, here he goes again. Yes, I am not crazy nor delusional. Instead, I am just walking the path. The path set up by the arguments. The line that is chosen by the mortal gamers, programmed to open doors that are leading towards remarkable discoveries. Oh, oh, baby!

In the first place, the primary focus was on Anthem’s first Video Footage ever released. Then, it turned out towards the development cycle, asking for a release date and so on. After that, the questions were focused on Anthem’s scheduled E3 2018 press conference. For now to finally come down to an end and shut our mouths until the actual date is closer to its release. But nope, no one could have ever done that, especially if you’re a gaming junkie in search for the next incredible game title.

According to myself, even if the competition in these kinds of video games swells, there are still three major players running for the number one spot. Those are The Division 2, Destiny 2 and Anthem. To be honest, I rarely see any other video game of the same genre achieving similar heights. But that’s just me. Oh god, I missed the intersection again, haven’t I? Ok, Let’s get back to Anthem.

There is some news circling the internet, a combined piece of information that is taken from Anthem’s executive producer, Mark Darrah, by expressing curiosity-filled questions publicly by the community. Mark Darrah seems to be entirely transparent to all of the questions so far. He has proved that his eligible to claim an answer to each one of them, including on whether or not the Javelin suits will have a different shape on female characters, despite its robotic form. You may have already guessed the answer that it won’t, but someone had to question that. For now, let’s cut it here compile a list of already known Javelin benefits and disadvantages.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we leave you to the beautifully decorated bullet list below (if we miss any crucial thing it’s your fault, keep that in mind):

  • Javelins will be unlocked as progressing through your journey. Namely, each player will begin its mission with a particular one at the beginning. – Imagine, a MEME Javelin in search of the incredible strength and power. That would be a good intro.
  • Each of the Javelins will have the same movement speed when out of combat. – Or depends who’s more fed up.
  • The Javelins won’t receive Gender Variations as noted above. – Own opinion, there will be, it’s just a matter of time when the media explodes with critics. Especially the female gender. 🙂
  • The Javelins are exposed to weather effects which may cause repulsive gameplay experiences in certain situations, during missions or so. – Do not worry, they probably cannot get a cold.
  • Each Javelin will get its own Signature ability and Melee animation. – As a reader, you’re probably delighted to be hearing this, aren’t you?

With all of that being said, we assume you have something to argue with right? Well, you can do that in the comments below. Cheers!

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