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Pokemon go 7km egg

Pokemon Go 7km Egg Alolan, Regional and Pre-Gen 4 Hatch Rates

The odds of hatching Alolan, Regional and Pre-Gen 4 Pokemon during the Ultra Bonus event have been revealed, and the numbers look quite underwhelming.

A Redditor named cjmithli posted his Egg Hatch rates analysis on TSR and based on the comments from 217 Redditors and 2573 Eggs hatched here are the results:

Ultra Bonus event 7km Alolan Pokemon Hatch Rates (75%)

  • Alolan Sandshrew – 15%
  • Alolan Diglet – 15%
  • Alolan Meowth – 15%
  • Alolan Vulpix – 11.25%
  • Alolan Geodude – 11.25%
  • Alolan Grimer – 7.5%

Ultra Bonus Event 7km Regional Pokemon Hatch Rates (12.5%)

  • Kangaskhan – 4%
  • Tauros – 4%
  • Mr.Mime – 2.25%
  • Farfetch’d – 2.25%

Ultra Bonus Event 7km Pre-Gen 4 Hatch Rates (12.5%)

  • Porygon – 6.25%
  • Tangela – 6.25 %

I have to say that the numbers do not look so good, but hey, we have 17 days to hatch Eggs and finish our Gen 1 Pokedex.

Can you make it happen?



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