Battlefield V Has Multiple Game Modes to Dominate With, It’s not all about Battle Royale

If you are a true lover of WW2 themed video games such as Battlefield V, well, there is a lot in common to learn about the very same. Namely, these kinds of games are considered to be joyful, exceptional, full of content, and most likely, turn out in the end as the best video games ever. The statements remain the same since back in the days, and nothing can change them. Now, we would love to talk about Battlefield V a bit more, considering the fact it shares the same WW2 themed gameplay.

Battlefield V, as its whole franchise offers multiple game modes. Recently, EA has discovered a sliver of the single-player campaign throughout a trailer, which pinpoints there will be a good amount of SP content to enjoy playing as well.

Most of the people nowadays expect to see an amazing Battle Royale gameplay, for which it seems like it gets overflooded as the time goes by. But that’s not the problem with Battlefield V at all. There are lots of game modes that will bring joy in Battlefield V, and surprisingly, the most favorite so far is the Single Player Campaign.

There will be countless war stories that occurred during World War 2 and no one had a chance to experience them, or maybe relive the happenings. Therefore, having this game mode full of content will most likely be the most beneficial breakthrough Battlefield ever had.

It’s not always about what’s trending nowadays, because trends come and go, and an impressive gameplay with exceptional mechanics is most likely to stay. Single Player campaigns are extinguished upon their completion, and most likely not repeated by the players, which implies that other game modes will be vital for Battlefield V’s vitality.

Therefore, by following the circle it all comes down back to the multiplayer game modes. One of them is Conquest for sure, which offers an incredible gameplay experience and requires an exceptional amount of teamwork. Probably my favorite, but still, there is a lot to do to simply try and pinpoint the best of Battlefield V.

The more surprising factor leading to probably a successful Battle Royale mode will be the postpone of its release date. If you remember, the game was postponed to November which actually avoided any potential difficulty because of the overlap with Black Ops 4. Therefore, the developers over at EA granted themselves a bit of extra period to overview and maybe determine further tweaks in their upcoming Battle Royale game mode.

The game is scheduled to come out on November 20th, and we’re looking forward to reliving the flashbacks occurred during WW2.

Angel Kicevski

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