Black Ops 4 Blackout will be Capped on 120 FPS During Launch

Treyarch has confirmed that the Battle Royale mode in Black Ops 4, Blackout, will be capped at nothing less but 120 fps. The limit is occurring due to the server choke being caused by higher framerate, which in terms denies players from having a sensational gameplay experience. Therefore, since the FPS is affecting the server load, the game is going to pretty much cap all players to 120 frames per second.

Moreover, Treyarch has discovered that their plan is to raise the FPS cap to 144fps as soon as the servers become stable. Separate from the Blackout mode, other game modes will receive uncapped frame rate at launch.

The reason for this change is simply the player’s experience, granting them a cutting-edge gameplay in all of the game modes. Below you can find the most important notes occurring during launch, first published on the official Black Ops 4 subreddit.

So, our plan: At launch, we will start Blackout with a 120fps cap on PC

  • Ensure the moment the game launches that it has high stability for every player
  • Raise to 144fps as soon as the servers are stable
  • And assuming all looks good, enable uncapped framerates within the first few days (Zombies and Multiplayer modes will be uncapped starting immediately on day 1.

This is the right plan to ensure a smooth, playable game for the whole community out of the gate.

Furthermore, the developers encourage the players to continue giving their precious feedback, which is an estimated curve for improving the game even further.

Just as a reminder, the global launch of Black Ops 4 is landing on October 12th for all platforms, 4 days away from this very moment.

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