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Epic Games gave up, all players will keep their earned Battle Pass Tiers

If you’re not familiar with what exactly the title points to, it is yesterday’s Battle Pass bug in Fortnite, which granted extra Battle Pass Tiers for free. It is most likely a huge loss for Epic Games, but however, it will be even a bigger pain if they have decided to revert the changes rather than just keep it as it is.

Yesterday’s bug has allowed millions of players to gain free Battle Pass Tiers, without even bothering to play the game, thanks to one rigged Challenge in the third week of Fortnitemares. The challenge enlisted in Fortnitemares’ week 3 was the staged challenge which required a visit of three named locations in different matches.

Now that Epic Games has decided to give up on penalties and leave it as it is, broader frustration is expected to come from those who missed the exploit or never had a chance to do it for unknown reasons. However, the fix has been released and the glitch works no longer.

Fortnitemares Part 3 Challenge Fix from FortNiteBR

Obviously, Epic Games is more for the people as they have committed their mistake and did not blame the community for exploiting. It’s one of those reasons why the company receives such a positive feedback and why Fortnite has a firm community and a huge player base.



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