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Monster Hunter: World to dominate, new patch to bring new content

As most of the people say, the third charm the greatest. After a couple of updates Capcom is ready to polish whatever’s needed to, and maybe encore their gameplay to better good. October 30 is the day to go, and Capcom has announced the very same on their Steam, pinpointing the upcoming release and addition of new content, which will allow more through cooperation with other hunters Online.

This event will allow players to get rewards by completing the Kulve Taroth Siege, which is among the content added for the first time and will ease the player’s inquiry for better forge materials. Regarding the Siege, there are a couple of notes the developer has posted:

  • The siege can only be accessed after progressing to a certain point in the story.
  • The siege will be available at different times in the future.
  • “Character Edit Voucher” will be available on the Store, allowing hunters to edit their gender and appearance.

Together with this update and the new content, there will be multiple bug fixes and other changes that improve and further polish the game, making Monster Hunter: World even more accessible than it was before. Players have had struggles due to known bugs, but will no longer encounter the same after this update lands. Luckily, Capcom is finally making the PORT come true, and new content will surely encourage hunters to get to the bottom of the upcoming content.

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