Nintendo Switch VR-style Headset developed by Canadian Company is about to Release

NS Glasses, a new product that appeared on the market, which purpose is to introduce the Virtual Reality to Nintendo Switch consumers is just about to be released. With a chance to pre-order soon, players that are seeking for the VR experience on their favorite portable console, Nintendo Switch, may finally expand their gameplay experience.

With the message, Immerse Yourself, the so-called NS Glasses will be available to pre-order very soon. Even if the glasses do not conclude to develop the same experience as an actual VR such as headsets like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, it will still create a nice feeling by experiencing 3D effects in all Nintendo Switch Games.

The Canadian company, Exklim, has managed to bring the console up in front of the player’s eyes by attaching it to the glasses. While it may look a little close and maybe a bit painful, players can adjust the VR Glasses according to their needs, thanks to the flexible headband.

This may be the first step to bringing an actual VR to the Nintendo Switch, since it is most likely a favorite option to all of the consumers. Setting up a VR connection could sometimes be quite disturbing, but doing that on the Nintendo Switch should bring no difficulties at all.

Below you can find some of the images published by the developer on its official Facebook Page.

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