In less than 24 hours Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Will Receive the General Grievous Update

After a good and somewhat excessive period without useful updates in Star Wars Battlefront 2, the game is about to receive the much expected General Grievous update. The update is scheduled to release tomorrow, and despite the official announcements, Ben Walke has tweeted the upcoming of the General Grievous update.

The update will land on all three platforms, Xbox One:1.56GB, PS4: (2.5GB), and PC (1.56GB).

You can find the official tweet below.

The general grievous update is expected to add new content in the game, as well as the new warrior, General Grievous, that will cost 35,000 credits to purchase. He comes with three abilities, Unrelenting Advance, Thrust Surge, and Claw Rush. Multiple other gameplay changes will occur as noted by EA Dice, which will probably try to enhance the cooperative gameplay. There will be new rules coming to the Squad Spawning system.

Such as:

The following rules will now be applied to the squad spawning system:

  • Troopers can spawn on Troopers
  • Troopers can spawn on Reinforcements
  • Troopers can spawn on Heroes (Exception being Boba Fett)
  • Reinforcements can spawn on Troopers
  • Reinforcements can spawn on Reinforcements
  • Reinforcements can spawn on Heroes (Exception being Boba Fett)
  • Heroes cannot spawn on anyone

Moreover, there will be multiple hero changes, for which you can read more about on the official update page.

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