Blizzard making a new Warcraft game similar to Pokemon GO

Not only Diablo Immortal matters but instead, multiple other Blizzard projects that are coming to the mobile platform. Among them, a new Warcraft title that has similarities with one of the most successful mobile games, Pokemon GO.

In a new article, Pcgamesn reported about this earlier today, discovering the possibility of Blizzard making a new Warcraft mobile game. According to the announcement, Cory Stockton, which is a lead content designer on World of Warcraft is a huge Pokemon fan, which explains the purpose of him being the chosen one to lead the whole project.

Pokemon GO has been quite a successful video game on the mobile platform since… ever. With that being said and the extravaganza of Blizzard aiming to develop more games on the Mobile Platform may bring us somewhat an already seen idea.

There’s nothing about being unique nowadays. Multiple new ideas found in video games are either stolen or completely reworked upon existing ones, with a slight change so it doesn’t contain the same feel. With that being said, the possibility of Blizzard developing Pokemon GO Alike video game holding the title “Warcraft” in it, will surely spread even more controversy, but also confirm the aim of the company to move towards something new, and that is to become a Mobile developer.

However, more potent evidence regarding this case cannot be found, except a few slices of information in Kotaku’s recent Diablo 3 press.

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