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Nvidia Game Ready Driver 416.81 brings optimal gaming experience for Battlefield V

In the name of BFV and its coming release, Nvidia has released new drivers, 416.81, providing an optimal gaming experience for Battlefield V. The upcoming WW2 setting is already on our doorstep, and we’re about to welcome it at any time.

Among the most important fixes in this update are:

  • [Turing GPU]: Multi-monitor idle power draw is very high. [2400161]
  • [GeForce RTX 2080 Ti][G-Sync]: Blue-screen crash may occur when exiting games when using a G-Sync monitor with a non-G-Sync monitor. [2431628]
  • [GeForce RTX 2080 Ti]: Stuttering occurs with HEVC video playback. [2414594]

As usual, the green team has posted multiple other fixes on its official website. To download this update and enhance your Battlefield V gameplay just update your GeForce Experience, or download it from the official website.

Games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Monster Hunter World and Far Cry 5 also receive some tweaks, fixing already known issues.



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