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Black Ops 4 new update makes the Platinum Trophy obtainable

Since release, Black Ops 4 players were not able to obtain various achievements, which are purely a cause to bad optimization, or in other words bugs. One of them, the Platinum Trophy, which seriously causes

Those who’re tending to collect any achievements in various of video games can now do the same in the most recent Battle Royale addition. Activision and Black Ops 4 has made the Platinum Trophy available to players, especially to those who tend to give everything in their most favorite video game.

To get the Platinum Trophy, all you need to do is obtain Prestige with 25 weapons in Zombie mode and get max level. Those certain requirements have to be met in order to get the reward.

This update also includes lots of improvements, bug fixes, and more. A summary of the patch notes can be found below:


  • Blackout map visual and environmental updates
  • Blackout audio and Armor design updates
  • Blackout weapon balancing (SDM and Spitfire)
  • Improved MP melee reliability
  • Updates to Prophet, Firebreak, and Seraph
  • Nuketown, Gun Game, and Safeguard added to Custom Games
  • Various MP Challenge fixes
  • Daily Tier Skips and high-round fixes in Zombies
  • Stability improvements in MP and Zombies
  • Character customization improvements
  • Options added: Global ADS sensitivity, tap to reload in Blackout

If you wish to get more detailed info regarding the patch, take a look below:

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