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It’s a festive season for Sea of Thieves players, plenty of Chests and Skulls

All the players in Sea of Thieves have had a chance to make a profit of the current content. With the biggest Holiday being upon us and a developer offering multiple rewards in the game, the players haven’t missed the chance to grasp the new pieces and activities.

Having a festive update it is certainly quite beneficial to all the players and the game in general, which actually discovers the developers intentions and their future perspective of the game.

During a login, players will be able to take a trip on a Gilded Voyage. That very same trip will be one of the most rewarding and will allow them to rank up with the aligning faction.

Giving the players something else to cheer about during the Holidays is what actually exposes the developers’ further actions. For now, it can be easily confirmed that Rare cares about its product, and will most likely keep cherishing it.

Even if Sea of Thieves did not receive quite well feedback during its launch because of the lack of content, Rare is getting back on track with these multiple updates.

The latest update 1.4.1 is the update adding the festive treat in the form of Gilded Gifts for all. If you’d love to know all the patch notes, you can visit the following link.



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