Pokemon Go Attack Forme Deoxys is the new EX Raid Boss

Trainers, Deoxys has changed its Normal forme and the new Attack Forme Deoxys will start to spawn as a EX Raid Boss after December 20.

The Psychic Type Mythical Pokemon has four different forms:

  • Normal (the one we already had a chance to battle and catch)
  • Attack (will start to spawn after December 20)
  • Defense (not yet available)
  • Speed (not yet available)

Now, let’s get you ready for the new EX Raid Boss and check out what are the best counters.

  • Tyranitar – Bite/Crunch
  • Mewtwo – Psycho Cut/Shadow Ball
  • Gengar – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
  • Honckrow – Snarl/Dark Pulse
  • Weavile – Feint Attack/Foul Play

Deoxys’ Attack Forme can be soloable. It will a tough battle, but make sure to use your best Pokemon. We recomend the following team:

  • Tyranitar – 3795
  • Tyranitar – 3470
  • Tyranitar – 3217
  • Tyranitar – 2703
  • Tyranitar – 2710
  • Mewtwo – 3493

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