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PUBG Mobile teams up with Resident Evil 2 to bring something new

No one knows what exactly will happen once the team up is in power and ready to go. The retired king of Battle Royale games will meet the old and forgotten king of Survival horror games. What could happen after this merge? We question the same too.

Being announced on Resident Evil’s official tweeter clearly states the partnership is real, and will most likely be a mobile game only. Therefore, Tencent Games and Capcom will combine their strength into making the unexpected and never seen before.

The official tweet can be seen below, which means (Google Translate):

PUBG MOBILE “×” Resident Evil RE: 2 “collaboration is decided! What kind of innovative play can be produced by combining the world’s most popular mobile games and survival horror’s monument, two super IPs? Today the image is on sale now!

There has also been an official trailer regarding the coming crossover. What could actually be? No one knows where the end of this event will lead, however, one thing’s certain, and that is the power of these two giants could link to a new and exciting IP. Currently, that’s all of the information received about the crossover so far.



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