Red Dead Online fails its economy, players annoyed

Players are being mad because of Red Dead Online’s economy. A multiplayer game of this caliber is supposed to have a firm and balanced economy, allowing everyone to take place into more specifics. Therefore, the disappoints have come in big number and Rockstar did not forget to remind all the players that it’s only a Beta.

Within a tweet, RDR’s developers have shared their opinion on the current standing and the feedback received by the players. The game is missing a final touch, in particular, a deeper configuration within its economy.

According to Rockstar, the main focus is to envelop a better economy. The money glitch has surely put up some trouble not just for the developers but also for the players. They cannot contain the fairplay, and Rockstar has to deal with this issue as soon as possible.

You can find the official tweet below:

Therefore, Red Dead Online will be worked on, especially after this bald and transparent announcement. Rest assured, the current phase is still in beta, which means there’s a lot more polishing to be done, which including the feedback, it may shape into a great multiplayer experience.

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