Apex Legends Review – The good, the bad and the ugly

Well, the story behind the good the bad and the ugly has to do something with this review, but not to that extent. Apex Legends (The good), Being set in Titanfall 2 era (The bad) launch, the game failed to satisfy its expectations (the ugly), meaning the sales were not on the count. Therefore, Respawn Entertainment had to move forward and started to work on its coveted projects.

Not many people knew about Apex Legends. To be honest, I did not either. However, Respawn’s developers managed to gather a good group of people that are already persistent and somewhat famous in the gaming industry, thus have a big impact on it, such as streamers, various content creators and more.

After the sudden launch, we’ve seen numerous live streamers sponsored by the publisher EA, live streaming Apex Legends and its BR aspect, making a huge impact on the Battle Royale genre itself. The game’s cartoonish look and current success back up the fact that those kinds of games are more popular than the ones with realism as a more dominant determinant.

Now let’s start and analyze key components and game mechanics this game offer.


The game’s movement is extremely satisfying, and reasonably drowns many popular games when it comes to that. The answer is simply that even in heavy firefights involving multiple teams, everything remains smooth. The movement itself combined with all of the abilities owned by the Legends surely contribute to a much better gameplay experience. it offers more than just a drip of satisfaction. Put the executions on top of that… simply breath-taking.

Being able to run on walls (not the Titanfall way) or hang on to them is just another spice added to the game, and combined with no fall damage works out just perfectly.

Yes, we’ll say it. The mobility found in Apex Legends resembles Blackout, which is a positive circumstance.

Graphically Good Looking

Being one of the better looking Battle Royale games on the market adds up to the fact why everyone is hyped about it. Despite the fact it has some difficulties regarding Vertical Sync and unlimited frames, the world has many good looking details to take note of. Some of the more exciting, some of them not, there are multiple places to consider as extremely intriguing to visit.

Squads and Gameplay

The only disappointing factor for us would be the matchmaking system. Apex Legends supports a maximum of 60 players per match, which is lower than any other BR game. This move is considered to be done on purpose by Respawn Entertainment, making the Battle Royale a bit different than others.

Squads are consisted of three players at maximum. There is no four men gameplay available, which makes the BR game differ from others. Not only that the map suits better, but puts everyone in doubt whether or not the servers will support up to 100.

Ping System

This is probably the best the game offers when it comes to multiplayer. Playing with friends is a lot easier when you have this kind of feature. Even with randoms, it definitely involves a lot of easier communication. You can basically ping everything of important nature (items, enemies, suspicious movement etc…), notify friends of your eyesight, creating a better gameplay experience for everyone.

Loot Development

The loot development needs to be worked on. Having a different Jump Master when playing with randoms may lead up to a crucial beginning, added up to the fact of the current loot tables. It is definitely an area Respawn Entertainment need to work on. Everytime, it’s either God’s tier or the complete opposite of items.

High Tier Loot areas are already very populated by players, giving no reason to drop anywhere else. This also shortens the time duration of a match.


We all know EA’s history and intentions regarding Microtransactions. Well, Apex Legends includes Microtransactions, but do not give any sort of gameplay benefit, which is the reason why there’s no backlash regarding that department. In Apex Legends, real money can only be used to open new Legends (Characters) or buy some of the cosmetic items on sale.

This review is still being worked on PC. As soon as we discover further pros and cons we’ll publish them here.

Just a reminder, Apex Legends is Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Any of them would work.

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