Fortnite Season 8 Theme to collide with Sea of Thieves and Dota 2

The pirate theme is unavodable in Fortnite. After posting the first tease yesterday, it is clearly visible that the next Season in Fortnite will be all about piracy. We’re making this article trying to clarify some things and Epic Games’ intention of seeking for ideas in other video games.

Throughout the previous year and this year along, Sea of Thieves has managed to impress a lot of players. It resulted with a huge boost of sales, and as a theme would serve more than good. Now let’s jump to another video game, Dota 2. It may have nothing in connection with Fortnite considering we’re talking about two different game titles, but there is something that you would like to hear.

In Dota 2, there’s a hero named Kunkka, the Admiral. He is a man of the waters together with his tough and whole-life opponent Tidehunter. Being a MOBA, Dota 2 offers a variety of abilities attached to different characters. Well, one of Kunkka’s abilities perfectly alligns with the Season 8 theme in Fortnite “X Marks the Spot”. Kunkka has received a pirate outfit which clearly become player’s favorite.

Earlier today, Epic Games has published the second tease, and it is most likely this tradition to continue throughout the next days before Season 8 lands.

For the first time, Epic Games has also enabled all players to gain a free Battle Pass for Season 8, which is a result of a lot stronger Battle Royale competition. Over the previous seasons the Battle Pass was behind a paywall. Hopefully, this will grow into a tradition without any more serious impact on Epic Games’ revenue.

Just to clarify things, Fortnite still remains the strongest video game in the BR genre with the most unique mechanic ever introduced, building.

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