There’s a new Llama glider coming to Fortnite

Data miners have managed to unearth new secrets hidden within Fortnite’s latest update. The files were hiding a brand new glider added to the game. An unknown glider that hasn’t been noticed by any Fortnite data miner and it is supposed to be a part of the next Battle Pass.

This has been reported by Lucas7yoshi, which work is known and recognized by lots of Fortnite fans. He’s trying to dig whatever’s been hidden in Fortnite and let the public know earlier than the official release.

While the glider is still nameless, everyone assumes it is work for a brand new Battle Pass glider, which means is about to release with the next Battle Pass. Speaking of which, the next battle pass could be attained for free if all of the Overtime challenges are completed within the time limit, 27th of February.

As we’re getting closer to the new season, Season 8, it is common for data miners to encounter and discover more secrets hidden within patches.

What are your thoughts about this glider? Is it a cool looking one or yet another meme?

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