Now that The Division 2 Open Beta is live, here’s what you can do

The Division 2 Open Beta is live and there have been numerous updates released. The Open Beta has received a lot of patches that are scheduled to improve the game’s stability. This has been concluded thanks to the previous week’s technical test, in which players contributed their effort in finding various issues. Thankfully, all of that led to a number of fixes, so that we can enjoy a beautiful Open Beta event.

The changes developed within a span of the Private Beta to the Open Beta have already been noted and the list is quite big. As a firm highlight we could take a couple of them:

  • Opened Viewpoint Museum Mission
  • Capital Ruins now available in Skirmish
  • Chem Launcher skill now available
  • Raised the Level Cap from 7 to 8.
  • Character progression in the Private Beta is not carried over to the Open Beta.

The Open Beta allegedly receives more content, as well as an increased level cap to 8. Alongside these changes, there will be some permanent rewards for every one of the Open Beta participants. The rewards are bonded behind a trigger, and in order to get them, you’ll need to accomplish a couple of things.

DC Patriot Weapon Skin, Capitol Hill Arm Patch, Supply Crate Backpack Trophy and Capitol Hill Backpack Trophy could all be attained by doing content throughout the Open Beta event. What content particularly you ask?

By just participating the Open Beta you will get the DC patriot Weapon Skin plus the Capitol Hill Backup trophy without any further necessities. By completing the Invaded Mission you will be rewarded with the Capitol Hill Arm Patch, and by completing the Dark Zone East introduction mission you will obtain the Supply Crate Backpack Trophy.

More about that could be seen in the image below:

The Division 2 Open Beta is now live and will last until 4th of March. Therefore, make sure you dwell into the fun and experience the environment set up in Washington DC.

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