Recent leak says that Apex Legends may receive a PVE game mode

Apex Legends, the Battle Royale masterpiece set by Respawn Entertainment is most likely bound to receive a brand new PVE game mode. While the leaks are coming with a fast pace, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t discovered any of this matter. Allegedly, they still first need to fix their security holes before they move to this point. However, thanks to dataminers, a new game mode is set to release in Apex Legends with unknown release time.

Recent leaks discover many assets found within the code that is connected to PVE content. Those assets are PVE related buttons, reticles, hubs, and more. This has been announced on Apex Legends – News & Leaks official twitter account.

We do believe that data mining ruins the integrity of any video game, ruling out the point of creating a variety of natural surprises. Nowadays, players are getting information way before a patch announcement or delivery. With that being said, you can find the tweet and the PVE options found within the game’s code.

We honestly believe this is truthful information. This hasn’t been the first time this Twitter account discovered something this big.

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