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The Division 2 7th Ivory Key Riddle is Solved

If you didn’t know, The Division 2 offers a lot of mysteries since the get-go. One of them is the Ivory Keys, which are usually dropped by a Hunter and his successful elimination. They could be used to open the very secret stash box at the Base of Operations, which requires 8 Ivory Keys in total. Before a day or so, only 6 riddles were known. Now, the location of the 7th key has been exposed, and it is involving another Hunter.

Even though more hunters have been downed, the Washington Monument is one of those riddles that doesn’t drop Ivory Keys. Well, there has to be another key hiding somewhere, even though players believe the Washington Monument riddle is a bug. So far, no one has exposed any info about the 8th key.

While people are trying to decrypt the 8th secret of The Division 2 and find the 8th Ivory Key, let’s focus on the 7th. The riddle has been exposed in a Reddit Thread. We can verify its integrity because we have already acquired the 7th Ivory Key by following its steps.

What is more exciting is that those who haven’t managed to kill the first Hunter in the Washington Monument Riddle will get the Spectre Mask dropped from this Hunter. So, worry not, you’ll eventually avenge for the escaping hunter.

The 7th Riddle reads:

Agrarian trucks signal the right place a wrong turn they’ll pump the breaks one f(or?) One aim well break the glass a great reward awaits your ***.

Where can we find the 7th Ivory Key?

You will need to head towards the Department of the United States building, which is located just west of the abandoned settlement in the East Mall zone. You can find it on the image below:

After going there, you will notice a truck parked right in front of it. The image above is taken while we stand on the Truck and that is exactly what you’re supposed to do. After getting on the top of it, face towards the Department of the United States. There are 16 windows easily notable.

The startup is done from the bottom left, leading all the way up to the top right. Below you can find the same image with numbers attached to it. That’s exactly the order in which the shooting should be done.

Caution, you could potentially find an already broken window, such as in the image below, which may lead to task failure. If you notice broken windows just give up on doing it and try to relog just in case you lose additional time. Now, the shooting order is pretty straight forward. You will need to break the bottom pane of each window, making a total of 16.

After shooting at the panes, either the 15th or 16th window should spawn a Hunter just right of the building. Unlike at the Washington Monument, this Hunter hits a punch and resists your intentions. He will respond to any fire given, so be prepared.

After killing the Hunter, you will be given the 7th Ivory Key. Will it contain many surprises? We’ll see, but for now, it remains nothing but a mystery to us and the players.

No one knows when the outcome of the 8th riddle so far. The 8th riddle remains in discovery and players are working on it very thoughtfully.

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