The Division 2 cannot and shouldn’t be compared to other looter shooters at all

The Division 2 is probably one of the best looter-shooter video games ever released on the market. Since the get-go, the game easily stands out from others in the same genre. It is quite easy to judge and compare the current success to other video game’s failures. The Division 2 success is something far more compared to others.

There are many things to list, however, we would love to keep it short and give a couple of features The Division 2 offers, but also make a little comparison against others. So far, the current stance is that no other looter shooter MMO has managed to achieve something like this, even if this early in release.

It appears like Massive and all the others working on The Division 2 have learned upon their mistakes made throughout its original title.

Story Mode

During this segment of gameplay, you’ll find the game quite pleasing and not punishing at all. Meaning, it is only the beginning of the journey. However, when you start progressing and upgrading your character, you will receive a punch. That most likely happens after the World Tier progression.

World Tier Progress and Specialization

Even though it’s a part of the leveling process, to further upgrade your character you need to advance through higher World Tiers. After the invasion of the Black Tusk, the main missions change their integrity and gameplay, which gives the players a completely unique feel. The game’s advancement system feels pretty requiring and pushes the player to grind its way through. Which is an expected purpose of the MMO genre.

For the first time in the franchise, The Division 2 offers Specializations. Advancing to World Tier 2 will unlock them, allowing the player to choose from three in-game specs. This will allow them to have special abilities alongside their weapon arsenal.

After the invasion and its completion by the player, they can swarm through DC and find out how many people of the Black Tusk faction actually set a foothold in DC. They remain as a core theme, contributing to a bigger gameplay variety. Again, this means more content and not a repetitive one.

Throughout this whole process, players do not need to worry about traveling, since their fast travel allows them to hop onto another mission as soon as they completed the previous one. This allows them to get to end-game a lot faster.

After getting to World Tier 4, the game starts to become a lot more interesting. Grinding your way through is what makes the game feel unique, so as the game modes in which players could participate to gain extra loot.

Comparison to Other Games

Compared to ANthem, The Division 2 was more unique since the launch. Once you get to the second World Tier, you can easily lock down how much content it actually offers. There are countless of side and main missions, including a couple of Strongholds who are determined as high-end gameplay missions. Something Anthem was missing from the get-go. Something Destiny tried to offer but without success.

Making it look this unique, surely provides the player with refreshing gameplay, despite the faction invasion after the World Tier advance.

Game Modes

The Division 2 has numerous game modes, offering different player activities. With a huge variety and open-world gameplay, players could choose from a wide spectrum of ventures. The missions gain other difficulties which are a lot harder, giving the player a chance to obtain better loot.

Bounties, Missions, Strongholds, everything is on the touch of your hand. There are plenty of them to choose from. Not to mention the Control Points, who are on the verge of a retake by enemy factions.

Overall, The Division 2 offers a lot more content than any other looter-shooter MMO released in the past 2 years.

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