The Wingman doesn’t have bloom, it’s just the netcode causing issues in Apex Legends

Have you ever considered that one of the most OP weapons in Apex Legends are inaccurate? Well, you are god d*** right we’re talking about The Wingman, one of the best close to mid-range weapons found in the game. Have you ever believed that you’re missing even though after reviewing your shadowplay recording in slow motion confirm that the shots should’ve been a clear hit? Well, let us tell you why is that so…

There’s not bloom nor has been any stealth change made in recently. Instead, the Wingman is still a good weapon, but only when the netcode is vital. It could easily get out of control, as it is confirmed that Apex Legends has one of the worse netcode in the BR genre.

Compared to Fortnite or PUBG, Apex Legends is still considered to be a freshie. Not only the shots are missing its designated target, but other things are completely fumbling all the player’s experience. In most circumstances, players do remain baffled as to the consequences occurred in Apex Legends, similar to the missed shots with the Wingman.

Even though Apex Legends has snatched over 50 million players just in February, Respawn Entertainment needs to continue working on its game title before letting its fishes into the BR waters.

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