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Apex Legends 1.1.1 Patch Notes Revealed, downtime announced

Apex Legends will get a brand new patch entitled as 1.1.1. Despite the strong integrity and commitment by Respawn Entertainment, the patch will still miss fixing a lot of known issues that have been reported by players. However, Apex Legends patch 1.1.1 will introduce a lot of balance changes, that will contribute to fairer gameplay.

First of all, hitboxes will be more viable on all of the champions, knowing that Caustic, Pathfinder, and Gibraltar have been crushed just because of that peculiar reason. They have had a larger hitbox that made them an easy target. That’s being followed by their destruction, which had to be addressed sooner or later.

Respawn Entertainment tried shrinking hitboxes to suit them and also the players better, however, despite Pathfinder, the problems remained on Caustic and Gibraltar. With no other chances to fix, Respawn Entertainment found a simple reason to add perks to both of them. Gibraltar and Caustic will get a passive perk which is called Fortified and will reduce damage taken by 10%. Below you can find more details:


  • Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10%

  • Gas Damage per tick increased: 1 -> 4

  • Ultimate Throw distance increased: 28 meters -> 33 meters


  • Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10%

  • Gun Shield health increased: 50 -> 75

Furthermore, patch 1.1.1 will also balance some of the current weapons and attachments in Apex Legends. The idea behind this is to further balance the difference between the power and weapon spawns. More details can be found below:


    • Lowered leg shot damage reduction: 25% -> 10%

    • Reduced base weapon sway by about 33%

    • Reduced base sway speed by about 25%


    • Increased fire rate 1.2 -> 1.6

    • Increased magazine size

      • Base mag increased: 5 -> 6 rounds

      • Common mag extender increased: 6 -> 8 rounds

      • Rare mag extender increased: 8 -> 10 rounds

      • Epic mag extender increased: 10 -> 12 rounds


    • Increased base magazine size: 25 -> 32 rounds

    • Charge Beam

      • Reduced cost per shot: 5 -> 4

      • Increased close range damage: 55 -> 60

      • Increased damage at range: 45 -> 50

      • Close range damage falloff increased: 35m -> 75m

      • Ranged damage falloff increased: 75m -> 125m


    • Reduced magazine size

      • Base mag reduced: 6 -> 4 rounds

      • Common mag extender reduced: 8 -> 6 rounds

      • Rare mag extender reduced: 9 -> 8 rounds

      • Epic mag extender reduced: 12 -> 10 rounds


    • Reduced base damage: 20 -> 18

    • Magazine extender attachments reduced

      • Common mag extender reduced: 45 -> 40 rounds

      • Rare mag extender reduced: 55 -> 45 rounds

      • Epic mag extender reduced: 60 -> 55 rounds


  • Gold Havoc

    • Now has Turbocharger

    • Now has 1x-2x variable holo site

  • Gold R301

    • Now has 1x-2x variable holo site

  • Gold Wingman

    • Now has digital threat

Respawn Entertainment has also planned some global map changes. More precisely, they’ve increased the speed of the Jump Ship by 50% so they could improve the gameplay experience for players that want to jump at a later stage without waiting that long. More details about that can be found below:


    • Increased the speed of the ship by about 50%

      • We felt that the ship was moving a bit too slow after watching player behavior so we’re speeding it up so players that like to drop later in the flight path don’t have to wait so long.


    • Fixed UI bug where the wrong percentage would be displayed for all boost badges.

The patch is to occur in a couple of minutes, or more precisely, at 10am PST today. What are your thoughts on some of the changes? Do you feel the necessity to go back into Apex Legends and try out the new and improved Caustic and Gibraltar?

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