Apex Legends upcoming “L-STAR” Submachine Gun Leaked

It appears that Season 1 hasn’t stopped bringing new content to Apex Legends. In fact, we’re about to receive something new. According to recent leaks, Apex Legends is bound to receive a new Submachine Gun, and will most likely resemble the already seen L-STAR rapid fire weapon coming from the Titanfall series, using Energy ammo. However, more about that to be spoken when the content initially hits in-game.

The Titanfall Wiki discovers the L-STAR (Lastimosa Armory Assault Rifle). Dataminers on the other side have noted that it is a word about a submachine gun that will join the same category as the Prowler. It also states that it has an insane rate of fire, and deals high damage per hit.

@RealApexLeaks has managed to find this in the game files, pinpointing the reload animation as well. Below you can find the L-Star and its reload animations:

It definitely holds the same design as in the Titanfall series.

What are your thoughts on this weapon joining the Apex Legends arsenal? Do not forget to share your opinions below.

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