Brendan Greene is done with Battle Royales, PUBG sequel no more

It is been quite a journey for this fellow, who managed to put a firm beginning to the Battle Royale genre, in which PUBG took place among the first. Brendan Greene is a video game designer who has crossed many different ways until he finally was invited by Bluehole to design one of the most successful milsim Battle Royale video game.

Sadly, Brendan Greene has announced that he is parting ways with the Battle Royale genre, and it is working on something different. Even though he started working on a new project, he won’t forget the fact that PUBG’s initial success was bolstering with revenue of up to $11-12 million during its first week after release.

PUBG went on a successful roll of amazing over 1 million concurrent players online for a whole year. It also joined the Xbox family with the slightly worse performance but managed to satisfy the hunger among some console players.

This man’s knowledge and intentions inspired multiple triple-A companies to develop their own Battle Royale, such as Fortnite, Black Ops 4’s Blackout, Apex Legends but also BFV’s Firestorm, making EA the only publisher with two active Battle Royales.

While Brendan Greene is still aspired and looking forward to future Battle Royale genres, in a recent interview to, he stated that he won’t be working on a PUBG sequel. That would decline all the possibilities of creating PUBG 2, for which many people were looking forward to. His point of view on a future BR is simple.

The last man standing concept is great, but I’ve done that. I don’t really intend to make PUBG 2

With his intelligence and possibilities to work on other special projects that will also cover multiplayer, Brendan Greene has managed to fully step down of the Battle Royale podium. His next job, however, remains unknown simply because it is still early to discover what is all about. It would be somewhat disgraceful towards the project of his.

Overall, we had very nice moments listening to the smart guy who’s ideas contributed no only the creation of PUBG but also other Battle Royale games, including H1Z1. Many people do not know about that, but even before he was trying to make a unique version of gameplay variant that puts many people onto a world who have only one goal and that is to remain the last man standing.

Personally, I am such a great fan and looking forward to witnessing new surprises and successes of his. Kudos to you, Mr. Brendan Greene.

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