Epic Games banned more than 1100 cheaters during the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier

While Fortnite is bragging benefits for its upcoming World Cup event that is slated to happen this summer, knowing the extent of the prize pool there’s nothing strange for cheaters to come on board during its qualifier. However, thanks to Epic Games’ amazing response, above 1100 cheaters have been banned. There are multiple reasons why the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier is full of them, and we’re here to discuss them all.

First of all, the ability to play as anonymous over the Internet gives the players a chance to snuck into Fortnite’s integrity by using third-party software. Second of all, of course, the huge prize pool that will be shared among the best participants during the World Cup. However, since it’s an online qualifier, it is supposedly a bad habit, in which many other e-sports organizations found it tough to deal with hackers.

There’s nothing strange in encountering them during a competitive event of this caliber, especially when there’s a huge reward assigned to it. Epic Games has reported that their robust anti-cheat has managed to get rid of more than 1100 cheaters who have tried to bypass and break the game’s integrity and lose all their chances and possible reincarnation in the future.

The tournament integrity actions posted by Epic Games is pretty straightforward. Anyone who’s breaking the rules will be both disqualified and penalized. Further perjuries will just get you in more trouble, as according to Epic Games, it will most possibly remove players from the competitive play. This is of course connected to a complete ban from Fortnite.

In the actions taken, it is clearly noticed that 1163 accounts have been banned from competitive play for 14 days. The bans also include those who tried to circumvent the region lock and play in multiple regions just to ensure qualification. It also includes the 196 prize winners who have cheated in that sort of way and played in multiple regions.

  • 1163 accounts were banned from competitive play for 14 days for circumventing region locks and playing in multiple regions through the course of the tournament.
    • This includes 196 prize winners who will have their prizes forfeited for playing in multiple regions.
      • Disqualified players forfeiting their winnings will result in the tournament results shifting for prize considerations, but won’t currently be reflected on the in-game leaderboard.
  • 48 accounts were banned for account sharing for 14 days.
    • This includes nine prize winners who will have their prizes forfeited for sharing accounts.
  • Eight accounts were banned for teaming.
    • One winner will forfeit prizes for teaming.
  • One account was banned permanently from Fortnite for using cheat software during the Semi Finals.
    • This account played for less than five minutes in the tournament before being banned.
  • One account was given a 72 hour competitive ban for intentionally disconnecting to avoid giving points to another competitor.
    • This is currently a manual process based off of user reports, but we will be detecting this more widely in the future.

Teaming has most probably occurred since it’s on the very same list of their rules. Teaming will also result in a ban, thanks to their recently integrated teaming detection algorithm. Overall, it feels like Epic Games is about to profess their obligations based on a firm proof of cheaters observed during the Fortnite World Cup qualifier.

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