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Escape From Tarkov new 0.11.7 ( fixes a lot of known issues

With today’s patch deployment, Escape From Tarkov is about to retain its temperate gameplay. The maintenance is currently live, having a server downtime as well. The developers behind Battlestate Games are trying to perform whatever they can to salvage the losses caused by yesterday’s technical update. As always, Battlestate games are on point with their response time.

The server downtime will be approximately 20 to 40 minutes. Luckily, everything should resolve, including the broken tasks that weren’t able to complete.

Players were poured into bad servers that contained a lot of lag and desync, leading to an unpleasant gameplay experience. Thankfully, after today’s patch is done, everything will settle. Not only the server issues will be fixed, but they will also fix numerous known bugs, for which were considered as “annoying and painful”.

Today’s 0.11.7 ( patch notes can be found below:

  • While doing quests with the “Find in raid” task, items found in raids will now be marked.
  • Items needed for “Find in raid” tasks now can be collected beforehand.
  • Changed some quests tasks.
  • The chat menu will no longer flicker while scrolling.
  • Fixed error that occurred when character would stand up after laying prone.
  • Fixed a bug that would block interaction with weapon after spamming gestures.
  • From now on, after shooting the automatic weapons without a magazine the bolt catch wouldn’t stop the bolt.
  • Text in the inspector menu of the flea market now displays correctly.
  • Third person view of weapon recoil now displays correctly.
  • Fixed visual bug that would cause a grey sphere in the smoke of the smoke grenade.
  • A bug which would reset FOV each raid.
  • Fixed bug that allowed to search multiple containers on the body simultaneously.
  • Fixed sound bug when the character spawned inside the mall on Interchange and it sounded like outside raining.
  • Next iteration of fixes for bugs that caused freezes and stuttering. We’ve fixed some issues related to characters spawn, first hit on the enemy, physics processing of the small loot items at distance.
  • Bug that caused a game crash while loading large locations.
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