Fortnite Week 3 NA West World Cup Qualifier Standings

It appears like NA West will have a rougher placement than EU and NA East, considering the fact only two players will advance through in the third week of the qualifier. Currently, the qualifier is ongoing, with a whole lot of pressure upon a multitude of players.

So far, the results are still in the forging phase, while all of the participants are still battling their way through the leaderboards. Due to the fact that most of the professional players have advanced their gameplay, NA West is nothing less competitive than the other zones.

Below you can find the official NA West standings, from which only 2 solo players will advance to the finals hosted in New York. The leaderboard is being updated according to Epic Games’ official Fortnite standings.

Position Player Name Points
1 KNG EpikWhale 81
2 stepbro karhu 73
3 Liquid Cented 71
4 Ghost Kayuun 70
5 Bolt Jonny 64
6 Bloom Falconer 63
7 flx 61
8 wefccwefw 60
9 fright. 58
10 AK Symetrical 58

In this qualifier, we have TSM_Myth, who’s also one of the most popular Fortnite streamers. He’s currently holding a firm spot on the NA West table, giving himself a chance to advance to New York. However, the last of the results will pinpoint who’s going and who’s not. On the other side, we’re more than certain Kayuun can pull an upset.

At the current standings, it appears like Kayuun is going to qualify, but we’re not certain if everyone’s finished with the games.

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