Overwatch possibly teases a new map set in Cuba, Havana

Without the notice of the massive layoffs during this year, Blizzard continues to promote Overwatch with a fashion, despite the layoffs during this year. Blizzard has one of the most arrogant but also robust developing company and creating content on a daily basis shouldn’t stop. That’s what happens with Overwatch and the latest tease of possibly a new map, Havana.

The first induction of the possibly upcoming map has been teased in a blog post on Overwatch’s official blog. The article holds a newspaper theme with a picture of a new map. Luckily for all of us, it the new teased map may include dynamic weather, which will be met for the first time in Overwatch.

As we said, possibly located in Cuba, Havana. “A Local Legacy Forgotten”, implying on a rum distillery that has grown into a family business owned by Clara and Basilio Diaz.

The brand has since become very popular in Havana, which interested many other financial groups to owning or overtaking the business. The Dun Rumbotico recipe has been considered as a family secret and praised in its origin as the most favorite.

An anonymous group has tried to buy the distillery and offered a large amount of money. The family declined the offer and has since started facing big loses. Shipments went missing and the distillery burned a while after the purchase offer, which led to further issues for the Diaz family.

The article on the official blog also says something about a historical landmark, The Havana Sea Fort. Players believe that this may be the exact map location but are not assured of.

What are your thoughts on this one? Do you believe it’s a word of a new map, or maybe something else?

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