Battlefield V Firestorm update changed the lobby system for good

Battlefield V has managed to land a quick update to perform backend changes. According to the developer, the changes are to improve the lobby system, thus making it easier for players to queue up for a match. More precisely, the match loads a lot faster, as the pre-load timers are lowered by a significant amount.

There’s no client patch assigned to this update, as it is only performed on the server side. The timer activates when 8 players are connected, which makes the match start a lot faster than before.

More details on how that works can be found below:

  • The pre-round timer now activates when 8 players are connected and have loaded into the lobby. It begins at 300s and counts down silently until it hits the 60s, at which point the clock appears.
  • The timer will now instantly skip to 10 seconds when 64 players have loaded in.

But it’s not just that. More changes have been performed to fully accommodate the initial changes, and it offers an enhanced Battle Royale experience.

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