Fortnite Week 4 US East Duo World Cup Qualifier Standings

Now that we’re almost finished with the EU runup, it is time for the US East. That was the schedule met throughout the previous weeks, so as it is at this very moment. We’re before the startup of US East, in which participants such as Tfue and Cloak, Ninja and Reverse2k take part in. We know that Tfue qualified as Solo throughout the previous week, but will they succeed with Cloak as a unit?

US East is arguably the most fun region to watch, as they’re battling their way through the final qualifier to settle a spot in the event hosted in New York. The World Cup Finals will begin on July 26th and will consist of players who managed to qualify during these 6 weeks.

Now that the US East qualifier event is almost started, we’re about to prepare the table holding the top 10 placements. Composed of Duos, the US East event will be a pleasant experience for your eyes. Let’s go TFUE and Cloakzy!

The current point system and competition format for Week 4 are as follows:

  • Victory Royale = +10 points
  • 2nd-5th = +7 points
  • 6th – 10th = +5 points
  • 11th-15th = +3 points
  • Each Elimination = +1 point

Below you can see the US East Leaderboards and its fable being fulfilled by player skill and progress.

Position Player Name Points Prize
1 NRG Zayt + Ghost Saf 99 $10000
2 Tempo Brush + Tempo CizLucky 91 $8000
3 Nate Hill + FaZe Funk 85 $6500
4 100T Ceice + 100T Elevate 84 $5000
5 Secret Fuzzy + Hogmanlolz 83 $4500
6 FaZe cLoak + Tfue 82 $4000
7 TSM_Zexrow + TSM.Vinny1x 81 $3500
8 Aircool + Synergy Cadet 81 $3000
9 woofgang crimz + OT Spadess 80 $2500
10 + FORWARD.GG 78 $2000

The table above is being changed according to Epic Games’ most recent scoreboard.

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